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Pro Website Design with Market Launch

Pro Package Value: $5,350.00 on sale for $4,299.00.

Discover the thrilling journey of transforming our standout services into an online sensation! By crafting a dynamic timeline for the execution of our finest offerings, we've uncovered the ultimate recipe for skyrocketing visibility on the web. This isn't about tricks or unnecessary extras – it's all about rolling up our sleeves, diving into the hard work, and staying devoted to the entire process.

Picture this: a carefully planned sequence of events showcasing our best services. It's not just about getting noticed; it's about making a lasting impact. Imagine the excitement of seeing our efforts unfold seamlessly, each step contributing to a vibrant online presence.

No shortcuts, no fluff – just an unwavering commitment to excellence. Dive into the heart of our strategy, where dedication meets execution, and witness the magic of gaining online visibility the authentic way. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we bring our top-notch services to the forefront, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression on the digital landscape.

Terms and Conditions: Due to the competitive nature of the internet and the complexity of this package, only 1 industry type will be sold in your official business address zip code (not service area). I take pride in not selling you a cookie-cutter deal sold to every person out there, but a semi-custom package made to fit your industry using time-tested techniques. A service agreement will be provided before work begins. Please contact us first to see if your business and zip code are available.

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Website Development Business ($1,499.00)

You get a professional, business-class, semi-custom website built in Joomla using the Helix framework.  On-page SEO with a sitemap and mobile responsiveness. Double-layer firewall protection against hackers with a server-signed SSL certificate to build confidence with your customers. The platform is expandable to meet your business needs with add-on features.

24 Months of Business-Class Hosting and Email ($600.00)

Business-class hosting on a VPS server located in Lansing, Michigan, provides your customers with a fast and friendly experience. In this package, you get two email boxes, local backups, DDoS protection, and cPanel access. More email boxes can be purchased at $2.00 per box per month.

Facebook Creation Or Audit ($99.00) 

You get a business Facebook account with all the setups completed for you. So many owners don't realize how custom a Facebook page can be. We will upload the content and photos you provide and produce something you will enjoy showing your customers. If you have an existing Facebook page, we will perform a complete audit to make sure "all the boxes are checked.

6 Months of Facebook Reach and Follower Campaign ($720.00)

We will create and deploy a Reach and Follower campaign to build your social media audience. Tailored to your business objectives, this campaign will give you a fast start to being noticed online.

6 Months of Facebook Management ($714.00)

The success of social media management requires daily monitoring, especially with the constantly changing rules. This can be very time-consuming for any business owner. For 6 months, we will fully manage your Facebook page and make you look great online.

6 Months of Google My Business and Google Ads ($720.00)

First, we will create your Google My Business page and add content, information, and photos. Again, we will make sure your profile is complete with logos and pictures. Then a Google Ads account will be used to promote your business online. This will get you to the top of the search results based on your location and service provided.

Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing Webmaster ($99.00)

Your new website will be connected to Google and Bing for maximum results. Plus, your site will be connected to Google Analytics, so we can track and monitor all the traffic to your website.

12 Months of Local SEO and Business Citations ($899.00)

Marketing your business in a specific area provides a lot of benefits. One of the most effective ways to market your business is through a business directory listing. It provides your audience with your basic contact information and details of the service that your company provides. Listing your business in local listings provides an opportunity for your business to take the next step and advance your brand building.  This service provides both sync and manual listings online.

Pro Package Value: $5,350.00 on sale for $4,299.00.

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Website Design | Website Development | Certified Business Solutions | Michigan | AI SEO